Quality Standards

"Ensuring quality checks at every stage to provide exceptional products"  

At Oracle, quality means reputation. Hence, no stone is left unturned to ensure quality work. We have a Quality management system (QMS) in place for quality control at all stages involved in the procurement, product development and production cycle.

We have a modern laboratory for checking quality of raw material, yarns, dyes & chemicals etc. Product quality is further ensured with the help of our fully featured chemical laboratory where recipes and developed and testing is done at all stages. All preliminary processes such as Bleaching, Dyeing and the preparatory process prior to weaving are done with absolute care, under our direct supervision to ensures that only the better quality materials are passed on to the next stage.

It has been ensured that no harmful substances are used during the manufacturing cycle of our products and We are Oeko Tex certified.

Cutting, Stitching, Checking and Packing is carried out with the best of manpower. Online checking during making up and AQL system is followed to ensure only right quality product gets passed on to our Customers.

We have obtained ISO 9001:2000 and SA 8000 certification and our products meet international quality standards.