Pools Side Chair Terry Liner

"Soft, absorbent, cool and non-sticky"  

Mark your spot at the pool or beach with a plush terry chaise lounge cover. You will be relaxing on a soft, absorbent, cool and non-sticky surface that you will enjoy stretching out on! Two built in side pockets for storing sunglasses, lotions and much more. An easy way to stop replacing unsightly lounge chairs from summers past.

Sit in comfort and protect your chair against oils, lotions, and dirt with this 100% terry cloth chair cover. It covers your entire lounge chair from top to bottom. This is a whopping continuous terry length with a pocket formed at the top that just slips over the back of your lounge chair. NO ELASTIC to deteriorate. Your towel will NEVER slide down behind you again. You will never have to use two towels to cover the entire chair again. By the pool - at home, or take it with you on vacation...stake out your deck chaise on that cruise!